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How long will my case take?

Every case is different, which means every case has a different expected timeframe for completion. The reality is that most immigration applications take months – and in some cases a year or more – from start to finish. Typically, the biggest factor in how long an application will take is U.S. government processing. Some employment-based applications permit expedited processing for an additional fee. Family-based applications do not have this option; however, you can request expedited processing in extreme situations, which is granted at the U.S. government’s discretion. During your free consultation, Attorney Caruso will review processing timelines based on the application that best fits your needs. Caruso Law Group will work with you to ensure your application is prepared in a timely manner.

How much will my case cost?

The total cost of your application, if prepared by Caruso Law Group, will depend on three factors: legal fees, filings fees, and disbursement charges. Legal fees are paid to Caruso Law Group. Filing fees are paid to the U.S. government. Disbursement charges are copying and mailing expenses incurred on your behalf when your application is submitted to the U.S. government. During your free consultation, Attorney Caruso will review the legal fees and filing fees based on the application that best fits your needs. She can also provide you with a representation agreement following your consultation that lists the legal fees and filing fees. Caruso Law Group charges flat fees, which means you know from the very start how much your case will cost.

My application was denied. What can I do now?

Just because your application was denied does not mean hope is lost. If your application was denied, you may be able to appeal the decision or file a Motion to Reopen and/or Reconsider. In some situations the best – or only – option is to refile your application. During your free consultation, Attorney Caruso will review the denial decision from the U.S. government and go over your options moving forward. The staff at Caruso Law Group has had success with appeals and Motions to Reopen and/or Reconsider. We have also helped clients restructure their previously denied applications to warrant approval.

I received a Request for Evidence, a Notice of Intent to Deny, or a Notice of Intent to Revoke. Can Caruso Law Group help me respond?

Yes. If your application has received a Request for Evidence, a Notice of Intent to Deny, or a Notice of Intent to Revoke, Caruso Law Group can help you prepare and submit a thorough and compelling response prior to the deadline set by the U.S. government. It is important to note that all three of these notices will have deadlines for responses. During your free consultation, Attorney Caruso will review the notice you have received.

Can Caruso Law Group go to my interview/to my court hearing with me?

Yes. Attorney Caruso has represented clients at Adjustment of Status interviews, Naturalization interviews, Asylum interviews, I-751 interviews, and court hearings. She can also accompany clients to scheduled ICE check-ins or deferred inspection appointments. Although Caruso Law Group is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Attorney Caruso has accompanied clients to their interviews, hearings, check-ins, and appointments throughout the United States. She can also help you prepare for your interview, hearing, check-in, or appointment prior to its scheduled date, so you feel confident going in front of an immigration officer.

Can Caruso Law Group help me?

In most cases, yes. During your free consultation, Attorney Caruso will review the facts of your case and your immigration history. She will help you determine the best options available to you. Caruso Law Group has experience in a variety of immigration applications – whether family-based or employment-based.

Who at Caruso Law Group will work on my case? 

Caruso Law Group is a team of two highly motivated and dedicated professional women: Attorney Vanessa Caruso and Senior Paralegal Allison Rowland. Both Vanessa and Allison have years of experience with preparing and filing immigration applications. The day-to-day management of your case will be performed by either Vanessa or Allison, but they will work together on all applications, ensuring your application is thorough and complete prior to submission. Vanessa and Allison utilize multiple forms of communication to ensure that your questions or concerns can be answered the moment they arise. Vanessa and Allison encourage clients to ask questions in order to better understand the immigration process. Working as a team, Vanessa and Allison are able to provide you with the support and determination your application needs to be successful.

Can I get a social security number? Can I get a driver’s license?

If your case includes an application for employment authorization, you can request a social security number and (in most states) apply for a driver’s license once you have received your employment authorization card. If you have a green card, you are able to request a social security number and apply for a driver’s license.

Can I travel within the United States? Can I travel internationally?

If you are an immigrant in the United States, and you do not have a green card or approved travel authorization, you should always discuss questions about your ability to travel with an immigration attorney. Leaving the United States without the proper authorization can result in serious consequences, including a bar to reentry. Attorney Caruso can only respond to questions about traveling from current Caruso Law Group clients.