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We utilize multiple forms of communication to ensure that you are able to reach us with your questions or concerns the moment they arise. You are encouraged to ask questions in order to better understand the immigration process. We are here to provide you with the support and determination your application needs to be successful and that you need to feel confident.

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The H1B application process has many parts. Not completing each part of the process in a timely manner could be the difference between getting your application submitted before the filing window closes and being left to wait another year before trying again. We can help you navigate the many steps involved and alleviate the stress you may feel in trying to prepare your application.

"I have been a client of Vanessa and I must say she is The Best Lawyer anyone can ask for!!! Without exaggeration. Caruso Law group pay attention to each and every client's needs. They are the best at what they do."

"Rather than leaving a message and waiting for a call back in days, I can speak to Vanessa directly. My case may be not very complicated but she still took it very seriously. She gave me a rough answer in first call and then she gave me a detailed answer after she double-checked in second call. Even more, she followed up the case with an email. I felt that she cares about her customers and is willing to spend her time with her customers. She understand this is not really about business, but really about people. She is accountable and always being ready help. I highly recommend that if you have any immigration questions and case please start with Vanessa."

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The H1B visa is a nonimmigrant visa that is highly sought after by foreign professionals and U.S. employers. There is an annual quota/cap imposed on the visa, which means the majority of applicants for the H1B are entered into a lottery system. The competition for an H1B visa increases year-after-year. It’s important to get started on the process early so your H1B application is ready to file by April 2, 2018, when USCIS begins accepting applications. In past years, USCIS has had to close the filing window within a few days, so the sooner you file, the better. Trying to complete the H1B application process without any help can be confusing, frustrating, and time-consuming. Let Caruso Law Group manage the process for you, so you can feel confident that your H1B application will be prepared correctly and filed timely without the headache of trying to figure out the process for yourself.  Read more about H1B Visa on our website.

"Do Not Settle For Just Any Attorney. Know Who Is Working On Your Case From Start To Finish!"

My name is Vanessa Caruso. I am the owner and principle attorney here at Caruso Law Group. Applying for an H1B visa can be a daunting and overwhelming process, but with the right help, it does not have to be that way. I will take the time to explain the process to you – including all of the costs involved – so you feel comfortable moving forward with your application. Book your FREE consultation right now. This one simple step might just make all the difference in preparing and submitting your H1B application.

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"Back in 2014 when I was referred to a law firm that Vanessa worked in, I was anxious and nervous of the entire process. She wasn't the one who initially took my case and things dragged for a while, then one day I called to see what I needed to do to speed things up only to be told that the paralegal assigned to my case left and now I was to work with Vanessa. I considered leaving the firm but agreed to the appointment anyways. That was probably one of the BEST decisions I have ever made, agreeing to that meeting with Vanessa.
Immediately she made me feel at ease, walked me through all the steps we would be going through and set goals and deadlines. She did in 10 mins what the person before her couldn't do in weeks. In the days to follow she wrote me emails with reminders and progress reports without even my prompting! She had everything firmly in her control and figured out. We managed to file in the nick of time and every filing since then has been accepted by USCIS/DHS . No RFEs and no rejections which can cause delays to the tune of months if not years due to the backlog. Goes into showing how thorough she is with meeting the strict requirements of immigration documentation.
She accompanied me to an impromptu I.C.E appointment and waited with me for hours despite her busy schedule. That moment has stayed with me, as that was the most trying moment of my life. Seeing her there made me know that everything would work out and since then she earned the name V. from V for Vendetta. because she was my hero.
Over the months that followed she kept in touch caring for my wellbeing and progress reminding me of important things like getting my EAD or its renewal.
It is because of her individualized touch and commitment that I am not afraid to recommend her to all who are going through the complicated process of Immigration. Her knowledge and expertise has proven to be valuable for my case, from the mundane to the complex.
Just recently, not once but twice she sat by me on a criminal case I was involved in when she did not have to. Her assurances not just by words but by action and demonstration has taken me a long way in this nerve wrecking journey. That is why I am more than happy to continue with her on this journey as she starts her own practice and feel more honored that she’s my lawyer."

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Immigration applications can be time-consuming, and the process of applying for an H1B visa is anything but easy and straightforward. In today’s world, we are all overworked and overbooked. You already have enough to worry about, so let Caruso Law Group take the lead and get you from start to finish with your immigration application. We will help you navigate the many steps involved and alleviate the stress of trying to figure it all out on your own.

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